I work individually with adults and young adults adopting an integrative model which is tailored to the needs of each specific patient. My approach is rooted in relational and psychodynamic principles, but also draws from cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques. 

I offer treatment for a wide variety of problems including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Trauma
  • Stress Management
  • Identity Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Loss and Grief
  • Cultural adjustment


My work with couples and family is aimed at providing my clients with a safe space where to develop a new perspective to understand interpersonal issues taking into accounts the needs of all involved to reestablish lost balance or to find a new equilibrium. Some of the issues that I navigate with couples and families are:

  • Communication problems
  • Intimacy problems
  • Divorce or separation
  • Infertility
  • Adoption
  • Inter-generational difficulties 


I conduct supportive process groups to selected adults and young adults who share a specific issue or characteristic. These groups are aimed at achieving mutual exchange, support and growth by providing a safe and confidential and structured space. 

I am currently accepting patients to join the following  upcoming groups in 2016:



Everyone knows that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. Being a parent while living abroad is even harder. Expatriate parents face specific challenges such as isolation from family of origin, language barriers, and lack of familiarity with the school system or even with simple cultural norms that affect daily child rearing. The anxiety provoking insecurities that are experienced by all parents are inevitably heightened when one is the "only" parent whose child has less layers of clothing than the other children, who is more/less protective than other parents, or simply who has slightly different family customs. Each individual, depending on personality traits, family circumstances, or phase of life is differently affected by the specific challenges of expatriate parenting. Not always these challenges can be comfortably shared at play dates or at birthday parties, leading to an increase in isolation and lack of emotional support.

This process oriented, supportive group is addressed to expatriate parents of all genders, nationality, and sexual orientations interested in having a safe, confidential space to process and better understand the unique experience of raising children in another culture.

Schedule: Evening hours (TBD)                   Frequency: Every other week              Language: English

Maximum number of participants: 8            Group leader: Dr. Silvia Fiammenghi



The term "third culture kids" refers to individuals who were raised for some of their developmental years in a culture outside of that of their parents. More often than not, third culture kids are faced with unique developmental and interpersonal challenges that separate them from most of their peers as well as from their other family members. Although growing up in a global family certainly presents its benefits, the experience of third culture kids is  also often marked by identity confusion and emotional isolation. Having been a third culture kid does not end with childhood; instead it inevitably becomes an integrative part of of one's identity, which is rarely understood or explored and which can sometimes lead to relationship or adjustment difficulties in adults.

The international city of Florence is the home of many individuals who were at some point third culture kids somewhere in the world. This process oriented, supportive group is addressed to adults and young adults who identify as having been third culture kids and is designed to provide members with a safe space to explore and understand the ways in which having been a third culture kid impacted their developmental trajectory and their present circumstances and sense of identity.

Schedule: Evening hours (TBD)                   Frequency: Every other week                    Language: English

Maximum number of participants: 8            Group leader: Dr. Silvia Fiammenghi


Lavoro con adulti e giovani adulti adottando un metodo integrato e plasmabile alle necessita di ogni sigolo paziente. Il mio approccio , fondato su principi psicodinamici relazionali, si rifa anche a tecniche cogntive e di mindfulness. 

Tratto una vasta gama di disturbi e problemi, tra i quali:

  • Ansia
  • Depressione
  • Psicosi
  • Trauma
  • Gestione dello stress
  • Integrazione di vari aspetti dell'identita'
  • Problemi relazionali
  • Problemi di autostima
  • Gestione della rabbia
  • Lutto 
  • Adattamento culturale


Il mio lavoro con le coppie e le famiglie mira ad offirire ai miei pazienti uno spazio per costrire una nuovo punto di vista cndiviso e comprendere problemi relazionali tenendo in considerazione i bisogni di tutti con l'obbiettivo di ristabilire equilibri perduti o crearne di nuovi.  Alcuni ei problemi che affronto con coppie e famiglie sono:

  • Problemi di comunicazione
  • Problemi di intimita'
  • Separazione e divorzio
  • Infertilita'
  • Adozione
  • Difficolta' intergenerazionali